Do you have;

× Lower back, neck and shoulder pain?
× Digestive complaints?
× Difficulity moving because of restrict joint motion?
× Low immune system?
× A feeling of constant tiredness or weakness?

About Zenthai Shiatsu

Zenthai Shiatsu is a hands-on movement-based therapy integrating key aspects of modalities of;

— Traditional Chinese Medicine,
— Zen Shiatsu,
— Traditional Thai Massage,
— Osteopathic techniques.  

Treatments work on meridian lines, acupressure points, muscles and fascia and help releasing muscular tension and energetic blockages. It promotes increasing the flow of life force energy “氣-Ki”, bringing a harmony and balance to the structural and energetic body and supporting the body's natural healing abilities.

All treatments are aligned with your needs conducting an assessment of your body and condition using four traditional examination methods of TCM.

Zenthai Shiatsu Benefits

✓  Reduce pain (lower back, shoulders, neck)
✓  Releases muscle tension
✓  Digestive complaints
✓  Increase mobility
✓  Relieve sore muscles
✓  Strengthen immune system
✓  Insomnia
✓  Calms the nervous system
✓  Reduce anxiety
✓  Balances the energy flow of the body.

Zenthai Shiatsu
Pregnancy Zenthai Support

  • 60 minutes: Initial appointment $110 / follow-up $100

  • 90 minutes: Initial appointment $150 / follow-up $140

* Cupping treatment (heat and dry technique)
* Gift Certificates available.
* Cash only (PayID option available)

Mobile service - Maleny/Caloundra

 No need to travel back home after the session, just enjoy the treatment at your own comfortable space.

Mobile service can be arranged in Maleny/Hinterland area and a monthly visit in Caloundra. Please contact us for availability.

*Available days: Thursday / 2nd & 4th Friday
*Extra travelling cost of $30 per location.
*Available for a minimum of 2 people’s sessions.

* * *

If you would like to schedule an appointment or require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me at, providing the following information;

- Type of treatment (60 mins or 90 mins)
- Your address
- Preferred date
- Available time frame (e.g., "free from 9 am to 12 pm")

Crystal Waters Market

  1st Saturday of each month (Except January)
  8am - 1pm
  65 Kilcoy Lane, Conondale

Witta Market

3rd Saturday of each month
  7am - 12pm
  Old Witta School, 316 Witta Road, Witta

*The schedule is subject to change due to adverse weather conditions. Please check the latest updates on the Facebook page.

Pregnancy Zenthai Treatment

 Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life, but it can also bring along many discomforts due to many physiological, structural and psychological changes. This occurs because your body tries to adapt to accommodate both mother and child, for example, shifts in the location of your center of gravity and hormonal changes. It is vital to remember that taking care of yourself throughout pregnancy also means nurturing of your baby.


Pregnancy Zenthai treatment is adapted to suit the specific needs of pregnancy to support the overall well-being of mother and baby. The holistic approach with therapeutic touch and movement will increase lymphatic circulation and blood flow and relieve the discomforts and symptoms associated with pregnancy. Also, our aim is to balance the nervous system and increase relaxation. (Suitable for all trimesters)


A treatment is performed fully clothed and lying on a mat. A therapist will use the safe and comfortable positioning (mostly in side position) with the support of pillows, cushions and bolsters.

Common symptoms and complaints

Lower back pain / Thoracic rib pain / Pelvic and hip instability / Swelling in lower limbs and arms (oedema) / Carpal tunnel syndrome / Nausea, reflux, indigestion / Shortness of breath / Tightness around womb / Headaches / Fatigue / Emotional sensitivity


My sessions with Yumi, as a pregnant client, was incredibly rejuvenating and healing. She is very mindful of mine and the baby’s needs. Her techniques made me relaxed and I felt safe and nurtured through the process. As my abdomen grew heavier over time and my body posture changed, muscle tensions also increased. But having a zenthai shiatsu session focused on pregnant women’s body with Yumi alleviated these tensions. I felt freshened up, massaged mindfully and just simply alert and energised again.
I highly recommend it to any women who may need some tender loving care on their body. It’s a wonderful feeling to also just receive nourishing for myself! Thank Yumi! You’re amazing!
- Rovielle of Maleny

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“Yumi is an amazing Zenthai Shiatsu therapist. Her unique approach to this healing art form is very methodical and thorough, and her comprehensive attention to her clients needs is guaranteed to leave you feeling whole, complete and balanced.
 Zenthai Shiatsu is a profound healing modality that can successfully address all of your physical mental and emotional issues, and even if you are feeling well it can still be very relaxing and restorative.”

  - Zenthai Shiatsu therapist and Tai Chi teacher, Tony Wootton

“Yumi is such a sincere and full of humanity and that reflected on her treatment.
 I had a session that brought me a surprise of healing! A huge release came with breath work during session. I felt like something from the past life issue was released and tears came out naturally. I cried like a child after the session as Yumi held me gently. I had only one word to describe my feeling at that time was gratitude - so thankful to Yumi from the bottom of my heart.
 I love Zenthai Shiatsu as you be touched so intimately and deeply with the intention of deep care and love. Also, it is not only massage but holistic therapy integration with art of Zen shiatsu and Chinese medicine. Amazing! Hightly recommend Yumi.”

  - Yoko Hayashi, Japanese Sound Therapist at We Are Sound

“I highly recommend a session with Yumi, I was privileged to be one of her guinea pigs and to experience her progress, which led to her skill matching her natural ability to provide gentle yet strong and sensitive therapy.
So great to have the body moved this way, do yourself a favour!”
- Françoise Smith

“Excellent massage. Can highly recommend. Very unique style that is effective. Yumi understands the subtleties of Chinese/Japanese medicine that can be of great benefit to those seeking treatment. It would be wise to organise a drop off/pick up particularly after the 90mins massage as the work is very deep. Would not recommend driving home after a session.” - Steve

☯ “Yumi is a gifted and generous healer who goes above and beyond. Compassionate, intelligent, highly skilled and knowledgeable. I would recommend Yumi to anyone.” -David Bongiorno

☯ “During my first session, all I could think about was ‘when can I come back!’ My body felt better than it had been for years after 1 session. Now I plan to return regularly and I have the flexibility to take on more stretching and exercising between sessions.” -Scott

“Physically and psychologically holistic treatment modality.” - Andrea Dipold

☯ “Good experience, professionally treated, some improvement felt, will come back for more and will recommend. Thank you.”
-Brian Gee

☯ “The holistic massage treatment that Yumi provided was sensational. She has an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and energy flow lines throughout the body and how they are interconnected. She is happy to share her knowledge and explain what she discovers about your body and how to improve energy flows. I highly recommend her treatments and look forward to returning soon.”

☯ “It's very important to trust someone to touch your body. I felt that trust in Yumi and I surrendered my body safely into her hands. Yumi has a sincere and gentle presence which made me feel welcome and safe, this allowed me to fully relax and get the most out of my session. During my session with Yumi, I experienced a beautiful cycle of movement. Working with whole body and the head and neck section at the end all made me feel very good. Her advice at the end is very appropriate and supportive. I look forward to my next appointment.”

“Yumi is very good at her art. She is a skilled therapist, listens wonderfully and very empathetic. My experience is always beneficial leaving 110% better than when I came in! Thank you Yumi, see you again soon!”

“I've enjoyed Yumi's treatments for over a year and love the bodywork techniques and her sensitive yet strong body manipulations. Once a month treat for me now, and I recommend to everyone I know that they give Yumi and Zenthai Shiatzu a go.”

“It was very relaxing experience for me. I enjoyed flow of therapy. I slept very deeply and well after treatment. thank you for your wonderful sharing.”

☯ “Top class treatment along with knowledge & understanding to try improve from other angles. I loved the knowledge provided & deep work done.


What should I wear?

  • Treatment is performed fully clothed and lying or sitting on a mat on the floor. Soft, stretchy and loose-fitting clothing with no zippers, buttons and snaps is recommended. (e.g. sweatpants, yoga pants, a t-shirt, short or long sleeve) that will allow freedom of movement.

  • An extra layer and socks give you an extra comfort as the body temperature can drop while lying down.

Can I eat/drink before I come for a tretment?

  • It is best not to have a full meal for at least 2 hours before the session, just have a light snack that is easy to digest 90 minutes before that you do not get too hungry. It is important to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

What is your cancellation/no-show policy?

  • We understand that sometimes circumstances are out of our control. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible. 24 hours’ notice of any change to your appointment is appreciated.

  • Cancellations or appointment modifications with less than 8 hours’ notice will be charged a fee of $30.

  • Missed appointment or arriving 15mins or later without calling: Full cost of your appointment will be charged.

Arrival at your appointment / Late arrival policy

  • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time to give you time to relax. (10 minutes if it is an initial appointment to complete a client intake form.)

  • Please call us on 0481188475 if you are running late so we can do our best to accommodate you. However, your session time may be shortened to ensure that all patients are seen in a timely manner.

Yumi Katsumura

Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist

 Yumi’s profound curiosity is the body’s innate capacity for self-healing. Throughout her sessions, her primary goal is to celebrate and nurture the individuality that lies within each person, unlocking the body’s power to heal itself through the art of touch infused with compassion.

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